enjoying nature

in southwest Florida

Calendars of donated images

of beauty and diversity

Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival

learning from experts

Your support helps protect the natural
environment of southwest Florida.

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Please make checks payable to either The Friends of Charlotte Harbor Estuary, Inc. or the CHNEP Friends and mail to P.O. Box 511422, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-1422.

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The environment needs Your Help

Informed citizens protect our habitat

Everyone who lives, works and plays in the CHNEP study area -- from our citizens, our governments, our industries -- is called to help in the implementation of the plan to protect the environment.


Our Mission

Support the outreach of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, a partnership to protect the natural environment of southwest Florida, with donations, sponsor support, registration fees, grants and more.

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News & Events: Quarterly Magazine and Calendar

The Friends and CHNEP cooperate to publish four quarterly issues of the 16-page magazine Harbor Happenings and a calendar of donated images that show the beauty and diversity of the native, natural environment of southwest Florida. (The calendar is only mailed to subscribers of Harbor Happenings by Sept. 15 or to those who donate $15 or more.


News & Events by Email

Primary Contact

CHNEP Friends is an all-volunteer Board-directedorganization. Please contact the Executive Director.

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